How to eat canned high-quality luncheon meat?

Huiquan canned luncheon meat is a nutritious food that people like to eat. Do you know how to eat canned luncheon meat? Take a look at our recommendations.
Huiquan canned luncheon meat has good tasty, individual package, and it’s easy to carry. We use aseptic canning for safety and trusted by customers. Ready to eat in an open can is very healthy and nutritious food. Here are some recommended ways for you to eat canned luncheon meat.

Just open and eat 


Of course, it’s the most convenient and classic way to eat it.

Hong Kong Style Egg Noodles


Material: instant noodles, egg, luncheon meat
Method: First, cut the luncheon meat;then put it to the instant noodles; finally, add one egg.
This is the famous luncheon meat egg noodles” in Hong Kong tea restaurants.

Luncheon meat fried rice

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Material: rice, luncheon meat, egg, green onion
Method: First, prepare overnight rice. Then boil the pan and put the oil in it until the oil is warm to 70%. After that put in the eggs, stir-fry the egg flower quickly, add the luncheon meat , stir-fry slowly with low fire, stir-fry the meat until it is fragrant, add it to the rice, and stir-fry with high fire. At last, add half a spoonful of soy sauce, stir-fry until the color is uniform,then add chopped green onion and take it out of the pan.  
These are several normal ways to eat luncheon meat, you can have a try at your home.   


Post time: Dec-06-2022