Canned history

In our daily life,in order to prolong the preservation of food,thousand of years of human thought of many ways,such as smoking,sun ,salt and so on.The canning technology was invented by A Frenchman,Nichols Appert.In 1795,the French government,out of the need of the war,offered a large reward for military food storage.Nichols Appert succeeded in 1804.His preservation method is to put the meat and beans into the jar,and then gentle plug the cork(to ensure that the gas can enter the jar freely)placed in the hot bath heating,to the food pot boiling 30-60 minutes,take out while hot soft plug tight,and coated with wax seal.Nichols Appert presented his invention to the Napoleonic government in 1809 and received a prize of 12,000 francs,In 1810,Nichols Appert wrote and publiched the Law for The Permanent Preservation of Animals and Plants,which propose the basic methods of canning—venting,sealing,and sterilization.Then ,in 1810,Peter Durand in England invented tin sheet metal cans,which made it possible to put canned food into manual production.In 1812,Nichols Appert officially opened a cannery called The Appert House,the world’s first cannery.

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